Before Stonewall

Naiad Press, 1988.  96 pages. Co-authored with Greta Schiller.  
The book and study guide to the movie, 
Before Stonewall, the making of a gay and lesbian community. Illustrated.  

This illustrated study guide to the informative and enlightening documentary examines how gay people lived and supported and recognized each other in the days before the landmark disturbance at the Stonewall bar in New York in 1969, an event that gave new impetus to the gay rights movement in the U.S.

It features many brave individuals who risked life and limb back in the “dark ages” by even broaching the subject of homosexuality in the open. Many readers will find revelations here that are fascinating, for example how World War II, of all things, served to end the isolation felt by many gays who fought and served back then.

Available in paperback from Jezebel Productions  for $10.95 U.S. + shipping.

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