Vampires and Violets

The story of lesbians and the cinema told for the first time in Vampires and Violets, is a love-hate affair in which the invisible becomes visible in fascinating and surprising ways. With wit, insight and liberal illustrations, the author brings into her discussions a wide range of films, both popular and forgotten, as well as the work of contemporary directors such as Chantal Akerman, Barbara Hammer, Su Friedrich, Ulrike Ottinger and many others.

Vampires and Violets:
Penguin USA 1993. 184 pages. Paperback.

Read a great review about the book, reprinted from International Gay and Lesbian Review:

Reader review on Amazon:
5.0 out of 5 stars  “Well-written and slyly witty”, Feb 29 2004
By Shannon Watkins (Radford, VA) – 
“I bought this book in college for a paper I never actually wrote, but I kept it because it was so engaging. Weiss writes about lesbians in film so well I’m rather surprised this book hasn’t gotten more attention; it isn’t a political screed or a narcolepsy-inducing thesis but simply a good book on an interesting subject. I haven’t seen half the films mentioned herein but I’m dying to; she makes it THAT interesting.”

(Hey thanks, Shannon!)

Book is currently out of print but can be purchased from Jezebel Productions, for  $10.95 U.S. + shipping.

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